n e w B r a n d

The n e w b ® a n d was born out of love to MUSIC and was inspired by the world of Jazz, Etno and World music. We ’blame’ our birth as a group on the participants professional background, creativity and endless openness to SOUND. The band is being represented by the best musicians in Hungary, who keep bringing the walls of common, known and undiscovered down. We are moving towards something new but still harmonious and pleasurable to the ear.
n e w b ® a n d is formed out of six personalities:
Janos Nagy – Hungary’s most known pianist, composer, teacher and the owner of foreign and Hungarian prizes won at jazz competitions.
Frankie Lato – Outstanding violin player, who has been participating in several records abroad and at home. He was as well cooperating with with well-known artists abroad and in Hungary.
Flora Joubert – talented drum player. We secretely think, she was born with a drum and sticks in her hands. She is just very very good at what she’s doing!
Samu Kéri – promising young rising star and master of guitar.
Ábel Nagy – pianst, talented guitar player. We are expecting outstanding surprises here…
Husnullina Regina – Singer. In 2013 she was discovered at ’The Voice’ talent’s show. She keeps drilling her way towards new ideas, believes and creations at home and abroad.

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